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Most of the businesses face problems in Afghanistan in complying with the Income Tax Laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA) because of deficiency of human resource in this area. Due to this fact, most of the businesses in Afghanistan are paying huge penalties to the tax department of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) for non-compliance of the Income tax Laws of IRA in a timely manner and face problems in getting the business license renewed for each year until and unless the taxes of the business are cleared for every tax year.

For an enterprise to build and maintain an in house expertise and accuracy would be an expensive proposition. And to continually validate the controls around such in house capabilities would be extremely time-consuming and burdensome. We manage your tax burden with local resources, national and international expertise and consider it our obligation to maintain a robust control environment and to provide transparency into it.

We are available at all the times to assist you in complying with the provisions of the Income Tax Laws of the IRA and getting the tax clearance certificate for the renewal of business license each year without your business activities being hampered. Our tax expert’s continually monitor and analyze tax law to help drive comprehensive tax compliance. It is an immense undertaking and its accuracy, reliability, breadth, timeliness, and economy of scale is core to ABC’s value.
We are already providing best quality tax compliance advisory services to many International and National clients in Afghanistan.

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Director – Tax Advisory Services

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