Forum for International Trade Training, Canada (FITT)

Since 1992, FITT has been developing competency standards in international trade which have been defined by business, for business. More than an organization that provides international trade training and resources, FITT is first and foremost a competency standards development organization working on building competence in international trade, and formalizing the profession of international trade practitioners. A certifying and accreditation body for international trade practitioners and educational programs, FITT is the recognized national and world leader in:

  • Defining competency standards for international trade practitioners
  • Developing and maintaining a certification system for international trade practitioners
  • Developing and maintaining an accreditation system for post-secondary educational/training programs in international business
  • Developing, delivering and promoting international trade competency-based training and other enabling knowledge, skill and ability-building products and services

If you are looking to enhance your competence in international trade you can be assured that FITT is:

  • Your resource and forerunner in defining international trade knowledge, trends and practices;
  • Leading the evolution of the international trade profession and maturity of its practice

Participating in FITTskills training will provide you with a network of international trade expertise and resources to help develop your competence, making work easier and lending credibility to your professional status.

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