Biographies of the Key Personnel

Company Profile

Mr. Hamid Rasooli (MSc. PM, CAT)

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rasooli is young and professional entrepreneur who established Advanced Business Consulting with his partners in 2007. He has nearly 10 years of experience providing excellent financial management, consulting and training services to international firms and their Government partners in Afghanistan. As an employee he has worked as a technical adviser, manager, team leader and consultant with Afghan Government, SCA, World Bank, USAID, Dutch Embassy and EU. He has implemented a large number of projects concerning various donors across Afghanistan to provide required services to the beneficiaries.

Mr. Shams Faizi (MBA)

Head of Management Consulting Unit

Mr. Faizi has more than 10 years of working experience in both program and operations management earned by working on key positions in USAID, DfID, UNDP, World Bank and EU funded projects. He has been working on managerial and advisory roles for managing team and completion of assignments in the areas of program implementation, capacity building, training, private sector development, workforce development, public administration, revenue enhancement, financial management, public awareness and administration.


Mr. Mark Hutton (CFA, MSc. Economics)

Business Development Advisor

Mr. Hutton is Chartered Financial Analyst and PMP Certified having over 20 years of working experience in project management and management consulting including last 5 years in Afghanistan. He is very comfortable and experienced leading multinational projects and working together with Afghan colleagues. He spent nearly 10 years working for Deloitte and Touché/Bearing-Point as a project manager where he learned best practices in project management from a world leader in public sector consulting services. Mr. Hutton’s original area of expertise was in economics and has experience in economic modeling and successfully managed training projects.

Mr. Baryalai Khyber (MBA)

Head of Marketing and Business Development Unit

Mr. Khyber has over fourteen years of experience in sales, marketing, communication, Proposal writing, public relations and business development. He served in different managerial positions in the public and private sectors in Afghanistan such as Sales and Marketing Manager Pajwhok Afghan News (PAN), Business Development and Media Manager (FKH Media), CEO Sitara Media Group, National Consultant UNDP/ITC. He has managed large scaled projects with both private and public sectors include USAID, US Army, ISAF, World Bank, UNDP, WHO, UNICIEF, UN Women, IEC and Roshan Telecommunication.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Mujahid (MLLB, Harvard Law School)

Head of Legal Unit

Mr. Mujahid has over 10 years of experience in law, legal & policy reforms, trade, economics, customs & revenues management with national and international organizations including WTO, TAPI, ARD and MoF. He has worked as a Deputy Team Leader (later acting Team Leader), National Director, Director General and Legal Adviser to the Minister of Finance. He has contributed at the senior most level economic, finance, customs, revenue, banking and governance related reforms. Mr. Mujahid has contributed at the senior most level economic, finance, customs, revenue, banking and governance related reforms. Mr. Mujahid has proven, trusted and commended track record in the management of credible & vastly important institutions, implementing legal, economic and governance related strategic reforms with ministries, donors, civil societies and other stakeholders.



Mr. Iqbal Noormal (MBA)

Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Unit

Mr. Noormal has around 8 years of work experience in the field of management, monitoring, evaluation and research. He has been working as managing director, project manager, M&E Manager and Research Consultant roles in MOIC, MOPH, MEC, SEO, ALMC and Elite Procurement and Logistics Company. He has expertise in the areas of program management, monitoring and evaluation, research, strategic planning and policy development.

Mr. Navid ur Rahman Qazizada (MBA)

Head of Operations Unit

Mr. Qazizada has more than 8 years of work experience who is specialized in the field of operations management. He has been working with many managerial and advisory roles with MOF, MOIC, USAID and private sector companies. His major areas of expertise are administration, finance, procurement, logistics and private sector development.